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Getting Over The Initial Hump

What a whirlwind of a travel saga this has been! There has been a lot of ups and downs when beginning to travel long-term for the first time. Travel blogger after travel vlogger, they’re all saying the same damn thing — and it’s true….

One Week

This reminds me of the Barenaked Ladies song “One Week.” It’s been one week since you looked at me, threw your arms into the air and said you’re crazy. Coming soon it will truly be one week since I’ve seen any of my friends…

Starting To Say My Good-Byes

An update on my life and an open letter to my favorite customers, colleagues, friends and family.

Let’s Talk About Regrets – Professional Lives

In my line of work, I deal with a lot of different people from different walks of life. From the wealthy driving a $50k SUV to those barely scraping by driving a 1990’s hoopty and everything else in between. To those customers who I’ve…

Holy Traveling! A Taste Of The Nomadic Life

These past two weeks have been absolutely crazy when it comes to traveling and working. The combination of working two jobs and traveling to three different states in a span of a couple weeks has me running on empty pretty much the whole time….

The Waiting Game – Is Time On My Side?

Big shoutout to Rezal Scharfe from GOJIRARS for the featured photo! Alright. Save for some miscellaneous clothing items and some electronics, I pretty much have everything else I need. Extra batteries for the Sony a7S, travel plug adapter, a travel backpack, a daypack and…

Readiness Check. 2 DTCs Found.

Much like a car, I perform intermittent readiness checks just to make sure I’m still on track, that there aren’t any glaring issues. There are some issues, and they will have to be addressed. Soon. P0420 – Motivation Below Threshold Recently, motivation has been…