Behind the moniker.

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Hi, my name is Kevin. I take pictures. I like cars. I like the color orange, and I’m also 26 years old. I like…

Seriously, though.

I’m not that mundane and narcissistic.

The name “The Nomadic Tire” is a name that was supposed to combine the automotive world with traveling. Not related to Matt Farah’s “The Smoking Tire.” Just slowly coming to the realization that “The Nomadic Tire” may not be as original as I thought. Fuck.

Anyways, The Nomadic Tire is a site I created to share my experiences in travel, share stories I come across, give my thoughts on various different things related to tech, cars or travel — all supplemented with good photography.

Currently residing in the great State of Minnesota, I will travel the world and work online as a digital nomad. Travel has always been in my blood, and I hope to expand my means of travel outside of road tripping around the US and Canada.

The world is a huge and beautiful place, filled with amazing cars, delicious food, kind people and breathtaking scenery. To share all of this with you is my goal through this blog.