Malaysia! Now What?

Boy what a rollercoaster it has been!

I arrived at KLIA on the 3rd of September and it has been an absolute blast. The food was inexpensive and delicious. The people are so heartwarming and welcoming that it puts us Americans to shame.

Week one was the week of arrivals. Rezal and Karen had a lot to do before the start of their wedding that upcoming weekend. First of the arrivals from our group was me, arriving on the 3rd. My boyfriend Scotty made his arrival just a couple short days later on the 5th along with other members of the wedding coming from California and Minnesota.


We all hung out as a group, seeing the sights. Fast-forward to Friday, the day before the wedding. A lot of things still need to get done. All the small, but important details. Actually, let me rewind a bit. The day of Scotty and everybody else’s arrival, we were all slated to go down south to Kluang for the bride’s side of the wedding. Because of all the gifts that need to be brought down, there wouldn’t be room for me, Scotty and our other colleagues and their monumental amounts of luggage. So Rezal and Karen decided that it would be best if Rezal took Karen’s friends down since they needed to be down south ASAP anyways. Me, Scotty and the others would need to take public transport down. Not a big deal. Apparently it was because some of us overpacked and didn’t want to try and live like locals. For Scotty and I though it would be an exciting walk in the park!


As soon as we got wind that our other colleagues would be skipping the wedding they said they were going to help with and fly to Poland, Scotty and I didn’t wait and wanted to get down ASAP so we can join in on the fun, too!

First step, grab our bags and buy a ticket to TBS, which is a bus terminal. At this point, the 6 of us were still at KLIA2 getting food and SIM cards for those who just arrived. While the others were getting situated, Scotty and I grabbed our ticket to TBS — of course, the bus from KLIA2 to TBS doesn’t leave for another couple hours, so we elected to give our tickets away to those who were queueing to purchase one. We decided we’ll take a Grab to TBS (Grab is like an Uber/Lyft here in the States). The Grab driver though says they’re a few minutes away, made us wait another half hour looking. I decided to cancel the Grab, regardless of what the driver said and elected to grab a traditional taxi over.


Since Scotty and I booked our ticket from TBS down to Kluang online, we had a deadline to meet. Our taxi driver was beautiful in the way he got us over to TBS with some time to spare. Unnnnnfortunately for us, TBS wasn’t exactly laid out friendly. Kiosks galore from all these different bus companies going all over Malaysia and indeed all over SE Asia. We had to find the green kiosk to print our tickets. Otherwise we can’t get past security. Thankfully for both Scotty and I, we’re both colorblind, so finding the kiosk was a stressful endeavor. Asked for help and found the line. Waited and printed our ticket. Out bus leaves the station at like 4:20pm or something like that and we got to the terminal at 4:22 with no bus outside the doors. SHIT. We’ve just missed it by MINUTES. We asked the nearest security agent if the bus just took off. He said that it hasn’t arrived yet. Oh, thank God.

We waited then boarded the bus at around 4:40pm and made it down to Kluang. Now we had to find a Grab that’ll take us from the terminal to Hotel Anika, which we found one quite quickly. It was a short 5 minute ride for RM4, which is just about 1USD. Cheap as chips!


Checked into the hotel, got situated and started sight seeing while Karen and Rezal were helping get their wedding setup. Fast forward a couple days and we’re into Friday, one day before the wedding starts and Rezal’s best man is just flying in from Minneapolis. We’re all down south and Dan is arriving to KLIA. He’ll need to take public transport, however… Rezal and Karen both forgot some stuff back in Kuala Lumpur, so I volunteered to drive up and grab their stuff and pick Dan up at the same time. Get two birds with one stone, which actually ended up working out beautifully.

Dan, Scotty and I arrived back in Kluang late in the evening. Thankfully Dan got some sleep in the Proton Waja I was driving so he was slightly rejuvenated by the time we arrived at Hotel Anika. We all decided to have a little mini bachelor party at a local bar called ASAP (As Swag As Possible) and it was a damned good time.

The next day — the big day. The official day. Rezal and Karen get to marry! I’m not going to bore you all with the boring details, but it was such a beautiful ceremony that I started crying. I had the privilege of being their photographer, so I was working very hard to get all the photos taken. I got some pretty damned good ones too!


To kind of wrap up this post, we all had an amazing time in Malaysia. The second wedding was just as amazing and all the places we’ve seen and experienced together was amazing. The resort in Batu Ferringhi was awesome. Unfortunately because my accounts kept getting frozen overseas, I got spooked and decided to fly both Scotty and I back to Minnesota.

So, on October 1st we left the apartment I’ve rented from Rezal and hitched a ride with Karen to KLIA2 where we spent the night at the Capsule Hotel in KLIA2. Had dinner with Karen, Rezal, Adriana and Scotty at KLIA2, visited AirAsia’s RedQ Headquarters and had a perfect cherry to top our Malaysia story. They gave us a ride back to KLIA where we’re slated to catch a flight to Shanghai, then San Francisco then back home to Minneapolis.

As for the what now? This post will be the swan song of The Nomadic Tire I think and I’ll be focusing on my freelancing gig. As I continue to grow and gain more clients and create more content, I think I’ll start blogging again and maybe even start a YouTube channel?? It’ll probably all be under a new moniker. Until then, hope you all had a great time reading about me growing and traveling.

Until then, Ciao!


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