This Is The Most Difficult Part

This is the bit of the travel journey that everybody has to start off with. This is the bit of the journey I wish I never had to do. The actual good-byes. Actually leaving. Actually selling your beloved car. Actually hugging your mom for the last time in a while is definitely a sobering feeling.

I was actually doing well for quite some time. Went through check-in, security with relative ease. Took all of what — 30 minutes? Maybe? Spent the next hour exploring Minneapolis St. Paul’s International Airport for a while — got some food. Two drinks in and the sobbing has for the most part stopped.

I’m struggling to keep my composure and not make a fool out of myself by sobbing at an airport terminal like I’m being deported or something. For god sakes. You never really understand the gravity of the situation until it’s actually happening. Right in front of your eyes.

Do yourself a favor. Tell your friends and family that you love them. Hug them dear. It may not be as long as a good-bye, but it’s more of an extended “see ya later.”

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