Holy Traveling! A Taste Of The Nomadic Life

These past two weeks have been absolutely crazy when it comes to traveling and working. The combination of working two jobs and traveling to three different states in a span of a couple weeks has me running on empty pretty much the whole time. This will be a fairly long post with lots of pictures, so bear with me on this long-overdue update in my life.

Minneapolis to Las Vegas (2 Feb – 5 Feb)


This trip was probably the most anticipated trip of them all. My aunt Chau invited me out to Las Vegas. Purchased my round trip flight to and from Las Vegas. All I had to pay for was some food I wanted to buy and some drinks. I had absolutely no intentions on gambling when I was out there. Too much money was at steak and I decided not to risk it. (Good call, Kevin!)


My trip to Las Vegas was over Super Bowl LII weekend. Which was kind of an oxymoron since the Super Bowl was happening in Minneapolis. However, not having to deal with the shitstorm of traffic in Minnesota is something that I actually really enjoy. That coupled with the fantastic weather out in Las Vegas just made it that much sweeter.


Along with the Super Bowl party at The Mirage, my aunt, her friend and I also scored tickets to see The Killers at MGM. It was absolutely surreal. I remember listening to their music when I was growing up in high school and here they are right in front of me — playing live!


This Las Vegas trip was definitely one to put onto the books as one of my most favorite vacations in recent memory.

Minneapolis to Chicago (8 Feb – 11 Feb)

Myself along with the slashMedia group and Randy from Victory & Reseda were able to secure credentials as part of the media at the Chicago Auto Show 2018.


Here’s what the initial plan was supposed to be:

  • After work on Wednesday, head down to a Minneapolis Park & Ride to drop off my car.
  • Rezal will pick me up from said Park & Ride and we’ll carpool down to Burnsville to meet with Josh and Veronica, the rest of our esteemed group.
  • At Midnight Thursday morning, we will head down as a group in one car to Chicago.
  • We will work as a group on Thursday at the Chicago Auto Show for the day on Thursday.
  • I will then take the Blue Line Metro in Chicago back to Chicago – O’Hare International Airport and fly back to Minneapolis, then take an Uber to pick up my car when I land at midnight.
  • Go into work at Mazda and work the day on Friday.
  • Immediately after work on Friday, I’ll drive back down to Minneapolis – St. Paul and fly back to Chicago, then get picked up my Josh or somebody else from the group.
  • I will then stay for the rest of the weekend and be with the rest of the group hanging out.
  • Sunday afternoon we will check out of the hotel and drive back home to the Park & Ride in Minneapolis and I’ll pick my car up, then head home.


Here’s what actually happened down in Chicago:

  • I ended up leaving my Mazda at the Bloomington Walmart, accidentally unlocked.
  • We left Burnsville at around 1am to Chicago.
  • Upon arrival to Chicago by car, I received notification by text and push notification on my iPhone that my flight back to MSP was canceled due to extreme winter weather.
  • I alerted my manager at Mazda back at home of the update, and was trying to find other safe and viable options back to Minneapolis.
  • We checked into the hotel and everybody else was very tired, so we spent some time trying to recuperate before we headed over to the McCormick Place where the Chicago Auto Show was being held.
  • While there, we were still so tired and out of it, that we weren’t really very invested into our work whilst at Chicago.
  • I then realized that the storm that was looming Chicago in the evening was much worse than I initially thought.
  • Then it was suggested that I take a bus back to Minneapolis in the middle of the snow storm, to which I reluctantly declined.
  • Staying thru Friday in Chicago I radio silence was maintained between my colleagues at Mazda and I, assuming I’ve royally pissed them off to no end.
  • Being really stressed out with missing work on Friday and feeling monumental guilt, I was absolutely not having it with trying to work the auto show. Therefore unfortunately I was pretty much out of action all of Friday.
  • Attempting to redeem myself from the lack of action on the Media day on Friday, Rezal and I went back to McCormick Place on Saturday — the first day open to the public. Sweet Jesus was it busy!
  • That evening, to revel in my “success,” I went out alone to go bar hopping and drinking all evening until about 4am.



One thing that one can definitely take away from this trip: of all the things that could’ve gone that, that went wrong — you can sweat the details on the things that you can control. You cannot sweat the details that you cannot control, such as the snow storm and missing work.


Editing some of the photos that I managed to take during the auto show, some of those photos actually came out pretty decent. So, at least there’s that.

Make no mistake, I still feel very bad and actually pretty upset about having my flight canceled and missing work on Friday, but what can you do? Being our first auto show coverage together as a group, also considering all the circumstances of what we all had to deal with, professionally and personally, overall we had a pretty fun time. All things considered.

Maybe we’ll have better luck at the Tokyo Auto Salon??

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