Readiness Check. 2 DTCs Found.

Much like a car, I perform intermittent readiness checks just to make sure I’m still on track, that there aren’t any glaring issues. There are some issues, and they will have to be addressed. Soon.

P0420 – Motivation Below Threshold

Recently, motivation has been a little hard to come by. With 218 days and 16 hours left until check-in, things really should be pretty much all set – oh but how they are not. I’m yet to make some form of online income through TheNomadicTire or slashMedia. The learning of programming languages such as CSS, PHP, Ruby on Rails, etc… has been half-baked at best.

Screen Shot 2017-12-03 at 3.07.30 PM

Trying to keep the motivation up, I’ve been watching a lot of YouTube videos on travel – which got me onto an idea of making travel videos. Yes, I know. Travel YouTube videos has already been overdone and the locations that I’m traveling to have already been covered to death. However, what I don’t see too much is coverage of cars while abroad. Brainwave.

Also, I gotta get back onto the mindset that if I don’t start learning these programming languages, when it comes to the 11th hour, I’ll be completely and utterly screwed when time comes to fly out to Malaysia.

P0401 – Income Flow Insufficient

Continuing on from P0420, Income Flow Insufficient is a struggle. Mainly coming off from my day job as a service advisor, I make some pretty decent money. However it’s not enough to pay off everything on time and save $10,000 for the trip. Ideally, $5,000 would be the absolute bare-bones minimum I would need to have.

At least I finally closed my Wells Fargo account, I’ve officially have made the long and arduous transfer to Simple! Unfortunately, Simple cannot keep my account open as I learned if I travel internationally long-term. So Simple for now, increase my credit worthiness then try and reopen a Charles Schwab Bank account as they are the best for aspiring American Digital Nomads.


As stated before, there is no income flow from TheNomadicTire or slashMedia as of now. What needs to be done is more learning from SkillShare so that I can continue on with learning CSS, PHP, Ruby on Rails and the rest of the programming languages. Also on top of learning those programming languages, learning how to master and utilize the power of this MacBook Pro and use Final Cut Pro X to edit videos to upload onto a YouTube channel specifically for my traveling endeavors.

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