Underrated Dinner Meet/Photoshoot

It all started with a Facebook Event invitation to get some grub at Old Chicago. Actually, let me give you some background. Underrated is a car group mainly featuring Mazda vehicles, but open to other makes as well. We have several Chevys, a few Hondas, etc… We get together once a week for a meet just to hang out, maybe work on each others cars. It’s really like a family community. We all help each other. All that we ask is that you’re a contributing member of the group or at least be kind to one another.


Dude, so usually I love pizza. For some reason, I was thinking to myself that the pizza at Old Chicago sucked and that was the only thing that they served. Oh, no, was I wrong. They had a lot of other foods too, not just pizza (which, by the way was delicious). I ordered some Mac and Grilled Cheese with a side of fries. Call me weird, but that Mac and Grilled Cheese dipped in ketchup was THE SHIT.


It was great catching up with everybody else that I haven’t seen in months. Giving each other shit, talking cars and about life. It was pretty awesome. Good company combined with delicious food made for a pretty awesome time.

As you can see, we had little ones in tow as well sitting at the end of the table as well. So us car people aren’t completely horrible people.

Gone shooting.

The rest of the night consisted of me taking pictures and the rest of the guys hanging out and chitchatting in the parking lot. It was a very beautiful 26.8 degrees Fahrenheit in Roseville, MN. I was absolutely freezing my ass off wearing just a hoodie, with nothing else underneath. Okay, well I was wearing more than just a hoodie. That would be weird. Obviously I was wearing pants as well. Anyways — I was shivering while taking pictures in the parking lot at Old Chicago, so my kind Underrated family shared their warmth gear with me in the form of a jacket, scarf and beanie.


After exchanging our Secret Santa gifts with each other, we decide to go to Roseville Mall to take some shots in the parking ramp that was just freshly built. This yielded even colder and stronger winds since we were at the top of the parking ramp out in the open.

We all lined up and had the whole ramp to ourselves so it made for some pretty awesome photography opportunities. Take a gander at some of the shots I’ve taken at the ramp!


All in all, it was a very fun time with the guys. Unfortunately, a day after we had our meet, one of the members, David had an accident in his Liquid Silver Metallic Mazda3 2.5 s Grand Touring, which then proceeded to start on fire on the side of 35W South. RIP little guy. We have it from here.

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