HTML5, CSS, JavaScript & PHP – A Love/Hate Relationship

You know that one ex you had where you were madly in love, but you resented them for what they say or do to you? Yeah. That’s my current relationship status with HTML5, CSS, JS and PHP. It’s actually labeled “It’s Complicated” on Facebook. We’re Facebook-official.

Seeing as I have a Mac, there were some pretty decent options out there in terms of front-end web development. Here are a few:

The Hate Is Just Temporary…

Don’t get me wrong — we love each other. We have our fights, we have our struggles, we sometimes go to bed mad. Those moments are eclipsed by moments where we work things out. I mean, what relationship out there are without arguments and fights? Nothing’s perfect. We are all with our foibles.

Screen Shot 2017-12-02 at 5.30.14 PM

Espresso and I get along pretty well. The user interface is clean, it suggests lines of code to complete your request. Such as if you type in ‘border,’ you get suggestions like ‘border-bottom,’ ‘border-top,’ etc…

To keep things kosher between Espresso and I, I have to first understand Expresso. I have to understand HTML5, CSS, JS and PHP to start. If you understand the structure of how these languages work, you and Espresso will work out just fine. HOWEVER, I am not fluent in these languages. It’s like going to countryside Wales and not knowing how to properly speak Welsh. You can try to say what you want to say, but unless the recipient understands your request, you’re dead in the water.

All the above-metioned languages are very black and white. It’s not like German where you can combine all these different words and make a new word and most people would understand what you’re getting on about.

Screen Shot 2017-12-02 at 6.44.11 PM

There are times though where your request goes through and everything works just as smooth as ‘buttah.’ And it’s within those moments that you remember why you fell in love in the first place. And it’s those moments where you two create something truly beautiful, responsive and engaging to the user.

Learn the language, learn the program. You will do great and beautiful things. It will boost confidence in yourself. It will boost your creative juices. It will make you want to create more. Do more. Push the envelope of front-end web development.

Like Charlie Day once said at a college graduation speech: “because without these struggles, what is your success, anyways?”

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