UNDERRATED Install Meet – Civic Si BCR BR Coils Install

We just completed an install night/hangout meet last night for UNDERRATED in New Richmond, WI where we installed BCR (BC Racing) coils on a 2012 Honda Civic Si. Boy did we take our time with the install!

Prepping the BCR’s.


These BCR’s were purchased used from a fellow in The Lone Star State (Texas). Touted as in “like-new” condition, these coils were anything but. However, they didn’t look like they were used all that much. Some parts were quite careworn but for the most part, everything seemed to be pretty decent. At least David purchased these BCR’s for a fraction of list price.


Seeing as this was an UNDERRATED meet, most of us specialized in Mazda vehicles, so working on the a Civic was going to be just a wee bit different. Well, okay. Maybe quite different. Nick, one of UNDERRATED’s founders is pretty mechanically inclined, and was a bit confused with the Civic’s rear suspension. Here we are looking up installation how-to’s on Civic coils.

The Nitty-Gritty.

Alright. The general how-to’s were read, the coils are prepped, drinks full and stomachs actively being stuffed, we were ready to rock ‘n roll.


Like when I say ‘stomachs actively being stuffed,’ I really mean it. Beer, pop, burgers and brats was the order for last night’s shenanigans.

We took our sweet time installing these coils for a few reasons: we were just faffing off waaaaay too much, we were being fat and stuffing our faces with food and drinks, and we wanted David (owner of the Si) to do some work on his car himself and learn some mechanics. The awesome thing is that we wanted to and were willing to teach those who aren’t as capable as us in terms of knowledge. David took this opportunity to do some work himself, and wouldn’t you know, he actually enjoyed it too! The sense of accomplishment of doing the work yourself is one of pride and excitement. It’s like a bug that makes you yearn for more things to do yourself. So proud of him! :’)


We had a lot of fun though working together on a friends car as a collective, a cooperative. All for the greater good. We all had a great time and David learned how to do suspension on his Civic. It’s a win-win!


6 Hours Later…


It’s starting to get late in the night (about 2am) and David’s finishing installation of the last coil on the driver’s rear. While we let David to do his work and standby for any help he may need, we were starting to fool around again, since we didn’t have much else to do besides stand around, eat, drink and chat.



Being the sneaky ninjas we are, we started drawing dicks on David’s car as a joke, to see how many we can draw before he starts to notice.

We got to 6. A NEW RECORD!

Anyways, the coils installation is complete. Holy car god is this thing low!


Naturally, not being used to the low life, David was concerned about rubbing issues (phrasing).

Teaching friends who are willing to learn is a thing we all enjoy. Be kind to one another. Kindness makes the world go round.


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