/MEDIA – The New Multimedia Venture

Kevin, where have you been? Well, indulge me as I enlighten y’all on what I’ve been up to recently.

For the past few weeks, I’ve been working hard on another side venture with my friends Josh and Rezal on creating a new multimedia company called /MEDIA (Slash Media).

What /MEDIA is is a multimedia production group that encompasses and embraces different viewpoints in our photography and videography ventures together. Josh specializes in logo/watermark design and videography. Rezal specializes in absolutely stunning photography and “B” roll. Whereas I just specialize in photography.

As a newbie in photography and starting two ventures (The Nomadic Tire and /MEDIA) it has been a very unique ride working on these two in tandem. Starting my day job at the dealership from 9:30a-6p and working on either The Nomadic Tire and/or /MEDIA from 7p-1a.

The Start Of Something New.

Recently, we’ve been meeting at Perkins and a co-working space called The Reserve. Staying up well past midnight each night working, trying to get some ideas together, we took this from concept to site-ready and uploaded in the span of just a few weeks.

Screen Shot 2017-11-10 at 8.28.19 PM

Another fantastic thing is that working on the /MEDIA website really stretches my knowledge of HTML, CSS and Javascript. With help from my friend Rezal (GOJIRARS), we were able to successfully take the website from no content, to a feature-rich and interactive website featuring our work.

How Far We’ve Come…

From initial concept to now has been a good few weeks, with almost all everyday working on the site in terms of coding and content for at least 5 hours a day, we’ve spent quite a lot of time getting this off the ground. It’s actually a very surprising amount of effort put forth by us all to get this up and running, we’ve achieved more than what we typically would with our skill level in such a short amount of time — and I guess that’s a good thing as it really helps us work on our coding skills.

So far things have gotten off to a great start. We’re pretty much live at this point, save for the pricing details. Now that we’ve gotten this far, we will be working together for the next several months until Rezal leaves us to move to Malaysia. Then next would be me heading to Malaysia in September.


What’s In Store For The Future?

Well, that’s all up in the air at the moment; however, since we’re live, we may as well start the process of marketing ourselves pretty soon and engage with potential local clients for work. Winter is going to be a tough time in general when it comes to photo/videography because of the colder weather here in Minnesota. We’re also going to try and market a very cost-effective solution for front-end web development and in the future, app development.

When Rezal moves to Malaysia, he’ll be working on /MEDIA over there, while the rest of us continues work here in the States. So, essentially, we’re going to be a world-wide endeavor in freelancing services, gathering clients from all over the globe.

What About The Nomadic Tire?


Don’t worry, The Nomadic Tire will still be around, alive and well. TNT will always be at the forefront of my side endeavors. Though /MEDIA’s services mirror The Nomadic Tire’s own services, I will primarily focus on honing in my skills with /MEDIA and utilizing the skills learned and perfected to freelance a few months before moving out of the States with The Nomadic Tire.

In the meantime, you little Nomadic Tires will still get awesome content in the form of blogs along the way along with photos and videos of my future endeavors while I wrap things up with good ‘ol America, and say hello to South East Asia*.


*Speaking of South East Asia, I really need to make it a point to get my Passport. Like soon. Whoops.

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