iOS 11 Woes – The Battery & Stability Saga

It’s no surprise that iOS 11 has given a lot of iOS users a lot of headaches. What do you expect though from Apple? When a new iOS version comes out, natural reaction is to update to get the latest in features and security fixes. Well, this is where Apple messed up. Royally.

— Be forewarned, this is a long post about the struggles of iOS 11–

The Big Day.

Rewind back to September 19, 2017. Apple has released the highly-anticipated iOS 11 update to the public, promising features such as a peer-to-peer payment system called “Apple Pay Cash,” along with a completely revised lock screen and Control Panel, to name a few.


Not knowing what I was getting myself into, I must’ve accepted the prompt to download and update to iOS 11 overnight while I was sleeping, because when I woke up, my iPhone 7 was already updated and was awaiting for additional setup prompts to complete the setup. Great! The initial installation of iOS 11 gave me amazing new features that I really appreciated.

By this time, I was blissfully unaware of the absolute havoc it caused, because for me, I was one of the lucky few that actually had a stable installation of iOS 11.0.

Panic Ensues.

Fast forward a few days later when there was a bug fix with a “minor-point” update to iOS 11.0.1, naturally I opted for the update. Same thing as before, I downloaded and installed the update overnight.

The next morning, I was actually a bit concerned. My usual routine in the morning is to get up, get ready for work, hop into my Mazda, hook up the charging cable to my iPhone, set my music through Spotify and set off for work. During my drive, I noticed that my iPhone was actually getting quite warm to the touch, and it was literally just sitting there charging and streaming music via Bluetooth — and it was getting hot though a LifeProof Frē case. I didn’t think much of it however, since it could’ve been re-indexing the OS.


Getting to work, I don’t do anything outside of my normal routine. Unplug my iPhone, go inside the dealership, set my phone on my desk and log into my desktop.

This is where things really start to get alarming. I check in a few customers, fast forward about half an hour and the battery life on my iPhone went from 100% to 95%. At this rate on standby, my iPhone 7 on iOS 11.0.1 is dropping 10% EVERY HOUR.

As I used my phone intermittently throughout the day, I literally can watch my battery power dwindle, percent after percent with each passing minute my iPhone is being used. This is not good since by hour 4 of my workday, I’m sitting at a paltry 37%. Not even going to make it through the workday with light usage mostly on standby. Disappointed.

Screen Shot 2017-11-02 at 8.02.52 PM

This issue as I come to find out though initial research is that iOS 11 in general, up until recently, has been an absolute PR NIGHTMARE for Apple. Tens of thousands of iOS device owners displaced by the lack of quality control by Apple with questions and venting happening through the Apple Support Forums, Twitter, Instagram, etc… Yeah. It’s that bad.

Okay, This Is Getting Old, Apple.

Apple being Apple, in a panic state rushed out another minor-point update in the form of iOS 11.0.2. Another bug fix that all of us who were unfortunate enough to update to iOS 11 at the time of release about a week later after the initial minor-point release.


Those 4 words. “Bug fixes and improvements.” What a false sense of resolution. It broke just as much as it fixed, but it did not improve stability or battery drain whatsoever.

Then I decided to take things into my own hands and downgrade back to iOS 10.3.3, the latest version of iOS 10 before iOS 11 hit the shelves. Unbeknownst to me, my latest backup on my Mac was an iOS 11 backup with absolutely no record of my old iOS 10.3.3 backup. They aren’t compatible. Shit. Either stick with shitty stability and absolutely shocking battery life, or downgrade back to iOS 10 and lose all of my data and favorite features introduced in iOS 11. Naturally, I chose the latter. Let the downgrade begin!

Santa, Is It Really You?

You came early! As I was rocking iOS 10.3.3 for quite some time, my iPhone kept prompting me to download and install the latest version of iOS, which was still at their 3rd minor-point update — 11.0.3 (which, by the way, still did not address the elephant in the room).

Seeing the prompt I was just about to dismiss it, however, something caught my eye. The iOS update numbers were short. Could it be? It’s not another damned minor-point update? iOS users rejoice!


iOS 11.1 has arrived. However…

Still being highly skeptical of Apple iOS updates, I decide to do my research first. Since I received notification, iOS 11.1 had only been live for less than 24 hours, and there was not a whole lot of literature out, yet. I did read, however that the iOS 11.1 Public Betas 3-5 showed very healthy improvements on stability and battery life.

Continuing on my research on the latest Public Beta, which was iOS 11.1 Public Beta 5, seems to be what’s called “Golden Master,” which means it’s pretty much more-or-less the exact build that Apple will release to the public, and indeed it was.

Build 15B93 is the same build number in between iOS 11.1 Public Beta 5 and the official iOS 11.1 public release.

Captain, ready to initiate download and install iOS 11.1!

Thank God Santa Came Early.

Being an Apple Fanboy, it’s very difficult for me to admit that Apple royally effed up the release of iOS 11 so hard, that it had me questioning if Apple were off their rockers.

I’m very happy to report in a day of routine usage, I can definitively say that compared to iOS 10.3.3, battery life has actually improved!

In my typical day usage during work, I’d usually leave work with roughly 75-80% battery life. I left today as my first full day of iOS 11.1 with 92% battery life left, without any change in usage habits compared to iOS 10.3.3!

So, in closing, if you’re wondering or skeptical to upgrade to iOS 11.1 from iOS 10.3.3, DO IT. If you’re looking to update from any iOS 11 minor-point (11.0.x), you have absolutely nothing else to lose. There’s nowhere else to go but up. You’ve been at the bottom of the barrel when it comes to stability and battery usage, and I can proudly say that Apple finally has fixed the battery and stability woes — even though they haven’t officially acknowledged that the stability and battery issues existed in the first place, they didn’t directly say anything about those fixes in the official release notes. Fret, not! Download and update! REJOICE!

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