Coworking Spaces – Is It Worth It?

YouTuber Chris The Freelancer has done various different video reviews of different coworking spaces all across the globe. Which got me thinking, there aren’t many reviews on coworking spaces in the United States. Probably because we’re a bunch of anti-social sociopaths? Who knows.

American Psycho (2000) Rights Reserved – Lionsgate Films.


What can be said though is that coworking spaces are very underrated for the entrepreneur. Yes, you can work from home and save yourself the monthly dues of a coworking space, but is it worth it? Let’s find out.

Kevin, What Are Coworking Spaces?

Great question! Imagine the TV Series “The Office.” There are a lot of different coworking spaces all across the globe. Some are social coworking spaces, others are very professional “let’s get shit done” spaces. They’re spaces that have one communal space for anybody to work wherever they choose. No set seating, no set desk. You come in with all your work gear, you sit down where you’d like, crank out some work, then pack up and go home.


Most coworking spaces have fantastic internet access that’s secure, most also provide printing and mailing services for those who wish to have stuff mailed to said coworking space. They also provide private offices and set desks for an extra fee if you’re so inclined to leave your stuff there when you leave.

My Experience In Coworking…

Has been very positive to be honest. It’s a space where you can get away from all the distractions at home and just hunker down and get stuff done. It’s a dangerous way to be productive. My buddy Rezal has been sampling the coworking life with me at both locations of The Reserve, and he says he hasn’t been this productive on his photo editing and front end web development before. It’s a good addiction that I think we all can get on board with.


Most coworking spaces comes with complementary coffee for you to continue to crank out good work and stay focused. A kitchen with snacks for purchase and a member fridge is usual fare for a lot of coworking spaces as well.


Beautiful, clean, non-distracting spaces are the best. Coworking with friends is even better. Brainstorm some good ideas together. There are also never any shortages of power outlets.

Now, if you’re traveling abroad, I’d recommend you purchase a power adapter and a power strip so you don’t have to travel with adapters for every single piece of equipment you own. Plug in the power strip to the power adapter, then plug in your computer, camera, drone, and anything else that charges from the wall. /protraveltip


For the aspiring up-and-coming digital nomad, Internet speeds are usually always deal breaker. Thankfully most coworking spaces are bearable to the point where you can do your work, upload your project or video (if you’re a YouTuber) and eat some lunch/dinner while you’re uploading.

The coworking space The Reserve – Woodbury branch has absolutely fantastic Internet speeds, averaging about 190Mbps. Makes uploading and downloading anything an absolute breeze.


I firmly believe that coworking spaces are essential if you work online in getting shit done. If I were at home trying to work, I’d get distracted so much easier. There’s something about the cleanliness and professionalism of a coworking space that triggers something in your mind. You need to get stuff done. You have to get stuff done, and you’re not even mad about it!

There are coworking spaces over in South East Asia such as KoHub in Koh Lanta, Thailand; Pun Space in Nimman, Chiang Mai, Thailand or @CAT Penang in George Town, Penang, Malaysia.

If this life of coworking is a somewhat of a taster of what life’ll be like overseas working at a coworking space, SIGN ME UP!

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