People Are Amazing – The Story Of The Stolen SD Card

The title may seem like an oxymoron, but before you close this tab, let me enlighten you on the gist of the story…


People are amazing and they also suck.

A quick background story.

A couple Fridays ago, walking along Arcade Street in St. Paul, I happen to come across an SD card sitting in a bush alongside the sidewalk. Initially thinking it was an orange flower, I figured out it was an SD card. I tried to put it into my new a7S to see if I can see what’s on the card. As it turns out, the contents of the card wasn’t compatible with my camera, so I went back to my car and used my Mac to figure out what was on the card.


Turns out the contents were wedding videos. Various different clips and time-lapses. Thinking it could’ve popped out of the camera while swapping SD cards (hey, it’s happened to me before!), I tried Facebook and Google to see if anything can be found using the clues I’ve gathered from the video metadata and various other clues from the clips.

The Power of Facebook.

Searching by myself wasn’t turning any real results. I thought I found the original couple, same names, they wed in Minnesota in the same month, but the metadata didn’t match and the bride’s dresses didn’t match either. Damn.

Seeing as I was part of a group on Facebook called “Minnesota Photography Club,” I posted on there to see if anybody else could help me out. More eyes searching would yield better and faster results, right?

Short answer: yes. Absolutely yes.

In less than 6 hours, we have found the father and mother of the groom. Got in contact with the father and he stopped by my work to pick up the card.

Come to find out, everything was stolen. Camera gear, video gear, laptop, the whole thing. Straight from the wedding. People are dicks.

Glad to have returned a piece of what was stolen on that special day!

One Comment on “People Are Amazing – The Story Of The Stolen SD Card

  1. 🙂 such a nice story. Im glad theres such amazing people in this world like yourself.


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