Preparing for Digital Nomad Life – BOSE QuietComfort35 Bluetooth Headphones

Music is good. It reflects so many things about us like personality and mood. It makes us feel better when we’re in the slumps and hypes us on upcoming trips you may have going on.


I don’t claim to be an audiophile but I do know good quality sound when I hear it. I listen to music during my commute to and from my day job, to “The Reserve” which is a coworking space for The Digital Nomad stuff like content creating, editing and research. Music is playing though these BOSE headphones while I’m at The Reserve, and I listen to music on my commute back home. That’s a grand total of at least 5 hours daily I’m listening to music. 3 hours of that I’m spending with BOSE.

In the Preparing for Digital Nomad Life series, I give my review on the following items:

Comfort (7/10)


These suckers are comfortable! The padding is nice and weighted. The leather pouch that goes around your ear is fantastic. Even with it turned off and the active noise cancelling deactivated, it was able to drown out a fair bit of noise from the outside. The top padding that goes on top of your head is very comfortable as well.

I can’t give this a perfect 10/10 because of long-term comfort. They are fantastic when you first put them on and leave them on for the first hour or two. After that you’ll start to become uncomfortable because the ear pockets actually make your ears almost unbearably hot. Uncomfortable at the very least. It almost defeats the purpose of wearing these guys in the first place!

The resolution to that is to take a break every couple hours. Take off the headphones, walk around and stretch for a bit if you’re working at a desk.

Sound (8/10)

The sound quality is actually very impressive. With the help of active noise-cancelling, these puppies are pretty stout. The bass is full but not overpowering, the mids are natural-sounding, the highs aren’t piercingly overbearing. Like many other reviews out there, the WC35 headphones are one of the best out there when it comes to natural-sounding audio.

If you’re looking for wireless headphones that give you booming bass, this is not your headset. However– if you’re looking for headphones that are a very good all-rounder with good even audio, look no further.

Using the included auxiliary cable, sound quality did get just that little bit better. Using Bluetooth Audio streaming there has to be that compression of audio in order to transfer data at a decent pace. Using a physical link/cable to the headphones gives the opportunity to send data much quicker, thus less compression. Better quality audio. Everybody likes better quality audio!

Battery Life (8/10)

Battery life on the QC35’s are fairly decent. When I first got the headphones, I charged them up completely. After about 10 hours of listening, they’re down to 60% charge. I hear you can get much better battery life. My music is usually blasting at 3/4 to max, so naturally the drivers are having to work harder to produce more sound. Not surprised there. Like I said, these headphones are pretty decent when it comes to battery life.

The included charger cable (Micro USB to USB-A) is much too short to charge while you’re using them. Thankfully it doesn’t take too long to charge to give an extra couple hours of use.

Packaging/Case (10/10)

The included case is fantastic. It wastes very little space and includes all the necessary things to use the QC35.


The exterior of the case is in a matte black with a leatherette cover. It’s a hard case, so go ahead and toss it in your bag along with other heavy-duty items. It’ll protect your spendy headphones.


When you open up the case by unzipping it, you’re greeted with the headphones on the right and a couple of cables. The included AUX and charging cable stows very neatly inside a pouch just inside the cover. BOSE was even kind enough to include Airplane adapters, so you can plug in the headphones into your arm rest of your seat to listen to in-flight music, if that’s your thing.

Value For Money (8/10)

For what you’re getting as a complete package is very nice, indeed. Good-quality headphones with good-quality audio, necessary cables, a neat and organized hard case makes the QC35 a good buy. Pricing is at around $325, so they’re definitely not cheap. If you can afford the cost, they’re much worth it. I don’t think you can get any better headphones for the price.

Conclusions (40/50)

Overall, very happy with these headphones. I just wish that they gave my ears a little more ventilation. Honestly though, that’s nitpicking at this point. This is perfect for traveling with to make life up until I become a digital nomad, and beyond hell of a lot better.

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