How To Survive Long-Distance Road Tripping – Beginning Your Journey!

Alright, guys. The moment of truth! You’ve budgeted for fuel, prepped your car, looked into navigation options, got some sleep and now you’re ready to go! Buckle in, hang tight, and let’s go!

This a complete how-to on long-distance road tripping. Check out the following topics to help better prepare yourself for the road ahead.

Alright. You’re pumped! I’m pumped! I like to start off the trip with a trip to the local gas station to top off my tank with fuel and get some drinks, snacks and food. I’m not the healthiest person in the world, so these items will obviously vary depending on your dietary needs.

Blackberry (My Mazda) sitting pretty at a very scenic rest stop just inside the Utah border from Colorado. July 2017.

First thing’s first, you need to make sure you’re not groggy after your cat nap. If you are, take a nice semi-cold shower. That’ll help wake your senses. Other things I like to do when trying to wake up is a nice ice cold cup of water.

Let’s gather our things, pack them into our car. We’ll first head over to our local gas station to top off our tank and grab some food for the road ahead. Seeing as this will be our first stop and only stop for the next 5-6 hours before we need to fill up again, be sure to go to the bathroom before leaving the gas station. Here’s my routine at the gas station:

  • Fill your vehicle with fuel (Don’t forget the fuel receipt! Very important as explained below).
  • Go to the bathroom if you haven’t at home already.
  • Choose some energy drinks of your choice.
  • Don’t forget water!
  • Grab some chips and a nice sandwich of your choice. (My favorite is Tuna. Don’t judge me!)
  • Right around the register should be some beef jerky. Choose your poison if you’re so inclined.
  • A 5 Hour Energy bottle or two usually rounds off my list.
  • Get an extra bag at check out. This’ll serve as our trash bin until our next stop.

I’ll usually put the extra trash bag around my gear shifter. That way it stays in one place during the trip and is easy to put trash into.

Set your destination in your navigation medium of your choice and let’s do this!

P.S. Keeping your fuel receipt during this trip is critical! I often hear horror stories where people fill up with gas, only to find out their car won’t run right, or run at all after the fill up. They got a full tank of water! Though this is rare, this does happen from time to time. Read this article from Jalopnik. It’s a very good, informative read about keeping receipts when filling up. Remember, don’t forget the fuel receipt!!!

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